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Thank you for donating to A WRITER'S LIFE. I'm the host, Heige S. Boehm and the author of Secrets in the Shadows. When you donate with Buy me a coffee your donation help with fees incurred. Hosting a podcast . . .  Well let's just say I had no idea about the expenses 🙄  

However I find it exhilarating being in conversations with writers, showcasing their work, in hope that listeners discover new or old works to read. Because face it––there is nothing better then reading a great story and knowing a little bit more about the author.

Oh, just one more thing I want to share––I hope to generate enough donations that one day with your help, we will be able to offer a bursary for new writers. Thank you for your donations and if not, sit back and enjoy A WRITER'S LIFE.

For a kinder world.

Heige S. Boehm. ğŸ“šğŸ’ž