April 17, 2021

A Writer's Life ๐Ÿ“šShort Story Saturday. Isabella Mori

A Writer's Life ๐Ÿ“šShort Story Saturday. Isabella Mori
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Isabella Mori is a mother, grandmother, wife, friend, sister.ย  She also writes: poetry, novels, short stories and non-fiction, and has published two books of and about poetry, A bagful of haiku โ€“ 87 imperfections, and isabella moriโ€™s teatable book. She has published and blogged over 1,000 articles online and in traditional media, is currently working on The Writers Studio certificate at Simon Fraser University, and has recently won the 2018 Cecilia Lamont first prize in poetry. Isabella Mori lives in Vancouver in a way-too-big house, enjoys being surrounded by houseplants, and takes long walks. She grew up in Germany in a chaotic artistsโ€™ household and has lived in Paraguay and Chile. Isabella has a Masters Degree in Education and works in the mental health/addiction field.